the Vintage Goody Shop - ***BUYER BEWARE*** Business owner will not respond!!! They have MY furniture and money!!!

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On February 22, 2013, I delivered a newly-purchased ($200) dresser to this business (at their storage address in Federal Heights) for refinishing. I paid for and received a signed receipt by the male business owner for $85, which reflected a deposit of 1/2 down for their services. At that time, both husband and wife business owners reiterated free delivery of the completed piece.

Over the next month, paint colors and techniques were discussed over the phone and by email exchange with the female business owner. The original price she quoted me for her refinishing services increased, based on my paint color preference, which I agreed to. At that time, she told me the turn-around time for this project would be about 2 weeks.

For several weeks, I had not heard anything from this business, so in early May 2013, I contacted the female business owner by phone and asked how my dresser was coming along. Much to my surprise she said that they had made a move from Federal Heights to Monument, CO, and had moved my dresser to their new address! She also stated that they were incredibly busy, and my project was next in line to be completed, and that I would be hearing from them soon. At this time, she emphasized that they would deliver my finished piece free of charge, and not to worry.

On or about June 1, 2013, I visited the business's website to get the phone # to call again, and I noticed the telephone # had been changed. My heart sank .....

After I left a voice message on this new telephone #, I received a text message back from the female business owner stating: "I'm in Texas a while but my husband is at home." and that I should contact him. She left his phone #. (I still have this text message on my phone - it is the last correspondence I have had with the female business owner).

When I contacted the male business owner by phone, he stated that he and his wife had split up, and that he would be taking over my project. I was of the understanding that the female business owner was the artist/refinisher, so I did not feel comfortable with the new arrangement.

Over the next month, I attempted to contact both business owners to request the return of my dresser and deposit. I have left voice mails, emails, messages through facebook, and their business website, with no response. I even suggested that I would drive down myself to Monument to retrieve my dresser.

I know the female business owner has received my messages, because she subsequently removed my facebook comment to her, and then blocked me from further comments on her facebook page 'the Vintage Goody Shop'. I have since noticed postings from the Vintage Goody Shop on the Dallas Craigslist.

My hope is that the business owners will contact me immediately to return my property and deposit for services never rendered.

As of July 15, 2013, I have not had any response from the business owner, and have pursued legal action to recover my property and money.

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The FEMALE was the business owner, NOT the male.She initially worked on the furniture, but stopped early on...the male was the actual person that worked on and delivered the furniture.

The female cheated, lied and finagled the business into the ground. Meanwhile, the male attempted to keep his word in the midst of her duplicity. She often told customers one thing and him another. His ethics were in place, hers were not.

She sat back and he worked himself into an early grave trying to correct and do right by the customers. At the time that you are writing about she took all of the information pertaining to individual pieces of furniture (ownership and work requests) with her to Texas and expected him to know to whom and where. He was in the process of legally seperating himself from her and her business. His heart and soul were right and he was a GOOD AND HONEST MAN.

On July 23, 2013 he had a massive heart attack and died within minutes of that heart attack. He was only 32 years old. The stress and her underhanded treatment of him and the world finally took him down. HE DID NOT OWN THIS BUSINESS SHE DID; HE WAS DILIGENT ABOUT DOING THE RIGHT THING!!!!

Your lawsuit should be levied against her and her ONLY.She currently is in business in Texas.

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